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Welcome to Ankit Vyas who joined the lab as a recent UCSD graduate and Natalie Agre, new grad student in the group!

Night of Science and Beer, 5/4 @Mike Hess Tasting Room (Miramar)


A fun-filled night of learning about the physics and chemistry of beer
– Fun facts on the science of beer
– “The Magic of Beer Foam”
– “Beer Gone Bad”
– “Yeast, the Unsung Hero”
and much more.

Portion of beer sales will go to InterTribal Youth / Native Like Water ( Help out a great cause and learn a thing or two about your favorite beer.

Supported by  NSF DMR-1554724


The Lab, together with D. Saintillan (MAE, UCSD,  has been awarded a FISP Fellowship to support Sophie’s work on “harvesting bacterial work at the macro scale”.

Middle and High School students came to the lab to see the beauty of Brownian motion through a microscope (Young Physicist Program

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