Current Members. 
Jérémie Palacci (PI) — CV
Iaroslava Golovkova (Postdoc)
Quentin Martinet (Postdoc)
Dan Grober (Graduate Student)

From left to right: Dan, Iaroslava, Quentin.

If you are creative and interested, contact me, we are always looking for great new people!

Former Members.

Moyuan Chen (Research Assistant, now graduate student @IST, 2021)
Celso Carrasco (Research Assistant, left for a Startup position, 2021)
Antoine Aubret (Postdoc, left for CNRS@LOMA, Bordeaux, 2020)
A. Morin (Postdoc, left for Assistant Prof. @Leiden U., 2020)
Y. Li (Research Assistant, left for graduate school@U. Chicago, 2020)
Natalie Agre (grad student, left for Masters@UCSD, 2020)
Mac Huang
(Postdoc, left for Assistant Prof @NYU Shanghai, 2020)
Tanvi Gandhi (Research Assistant, left for graduate school@U. Chicago, 2019)
Ankit Vyas (Research Assistant, left for graduate school@NYU, 2018)
Sophie Ramananarivo (Postdoc, left for MCF@Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2018)
Kris Mackiewicz (Undergraduate, left for  graduate school@ U. Chicago, 2016)