If you are creative and interested, contact me, we are always looking for great new people!

Current Members. 
Jérémie Palacci (PI) 
Antoine Aubret (Postdoc)
Mac Huang (Postdoc)
Alexandre Morin (Postdoc, shared with S. Sacanna, NYU, starting 10/18)
Natalie Agre (Graduate Student)
Tanvi Gandhi (Research Assistant)
Desmond Li (Undergraduate Student)


From left to right, Antoine Aubret, Natalie Agre, JP, Alexandre Morin, Mac Huang, Tanvi Gandhi


Former Members.
Ankit Vyas (now graduate student@NYU)
Sophie Ramananarivo (now MCF, Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Kris Mackiewicz (now graduate student, U. Chicago)