IST Austria & UC San Diego, Department of Physics


Welcome to Ankit Vyas who joined the lab as a recent UCSD graduate and Natalie Agre, new grad student in the group!

The Lab, together with D. Saintillan (MAE, UCSD,  has been awarded a FISP Fellowship to support Sophie’s work on “harvesting bacterial work at the macro scale”.

Middle and High School students came to the lab to see the beauty of Brownian motion through a microscope (Young Physicist Program

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Welcome to Antoine Aubret who joined the lab for a postdoc. Antoine got recently awarded his PhD from université de Lyon in confocal observation of quantum dots.

Welcome to Sophie Ramananarivo who joined the lab for a postdoc. Sophie was previously a postdoc at  Courant Institute. Her expertise is in biolocomotion and fluid dynamics.